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Name of Owner:

Assemblies of God


Name of Owner Representative:

Pastor Jerry McCamey


Location of project:

Indianapolis, IN 46219

Intersection of 30th Street & Post Rd.


Project Description:

The buildings entrances face north and south toward small parking areas.  The large parking area at the rear of the building can hold 1,200 cars, but the door that faces it is a small single door and the janitors service entrance.  With the addition of a Teen Community Center and interior remodeling of the nursery areas, we proposed that the church turn the main entrance of the building toward the largest parking area, anticipating construction of a bus storage facility and future gymnasium as well as other possible developments on site.  Our proposal was to create a new “Main Street” through the building for easier access to all parts of the building.  This did not involve a great deal of additional cost, but took advantage of the proposed construction projects to completely refocus the church inside and out.


For more photos of this project or if you have questions, let us know and we will get you the information you need.

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