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Prince Alexander is a full service architecture, engineering, project management, and land planning firm with diverse experience in projects ranging from hospitals, government facilities, and emergency management facilities, to churches, community centers, educational facilities and banks. From conception to construction, from site selection to furniture selection, we have the capability to make your project a reality. We work closely with lenders and financial advisors to bring your project together.

Prince Alexander's design process begins by conducting detailed discussions and interviews with the client's representatives and community members. We collect all relevant information and existing site conditions into a relationship matrix, so that an objective evaluation can be made. We then overlay this matrix with the site-specific conditions and the client's objectives. Assembling the overall concept in this manner allows the end product to be an educated evolution of the project into reality.

Implementing and interpreting design standards for specific applications is our specialty. In today's world of tight budgets and public bidding procedures, highly-specialized goods and materials only serve to complicate and confuse the unwary. Prince Alexander's staff has won recognition for employing the most economical and common materials in a way that virtually glorifies the fact that the budgets and standards are tight. On projects where corporate image and community respect demand elegance and higher quality materials, our talent and depth of historical references leads to timeless solutions.

Our success in complying with design standards and budgets has always been to synthesize the design in a way that is easy to communicate to both the client and the contractors. We have found that having in-house architecture, interior design, engineering, and project management allows us to create beautifully functional and feasible buildings on virtually any budget.


Good communication, creativity, and in-house management facilitate the creation of a quality building, on time and on budget.

For more information on Prince Alexander's comprehensive project delivery methodology, contact us via email, phone, or fax, all listed in the contact directory.

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