Name of Owner:

Archdiocese of Indianapolis


Name of Owner Representative:

Father Paul Shikany


Location of Project:

Franklin, Indiana  46131

Indiana State Highway 44 west


Description of Project:

14,000 sq.ft. multipurpose family life center and parochial school expansion.  Part of the early phase of master planning was to determine how to best save room for additional classroom expansion up to high school and preserve land for athletic facilities (track and field).  One of the unique twists was the desire, of part of the building committee, for a basketball facility. Another group wanted a distinctly “non sports” facility for wedding receptions church bazaars and festivities.  The solution was a large format floor tile pattern that created a feeling of celebration and games, but allowed for the sports activities as well. 

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850 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46225, United States

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